4 New Literary Agents!

Cris Freese does an exceptional job of sharing great posts on the Guide to Literary Agents blog. I especially love the new literary agent alerts. These are the agents who are typically most receptive to working with new writers. Here are four Cris has spotlighted recently.


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Michelle S. Lazurek

Michelle S. Lazurek of WordWise Media Services

Michelle S. Lazurek is an Associate Literary Agent at WordWise Media Services. As the author of nine books and a frequent speaker for writers’ conferences, Michelle has long enjoyed a passion for the written word. When not occupied with literary pursuits, you can find her sipping a hot latte at Starbucks, reading a good book, or collecting records from the 1980s and 90s. She lives in Pennsylvania with her husband, two children and a crazy dog. Michelle is interested in representing Christian nonfiction works for adults, and picture books for children.

Learn how to submit to Michelle here.

Lexi Wangler of Massie & McQuilkin

Lexi Wangler is a junior agent and foreign rights associate at Massie & McQuilkin. Lexi assists on foreign rights for Massie & McQuilkin, and is looking for books that focus on complex, three-dimensional characters, especially women and non-binary people. She is passionate about representation across the race, class, gender and sexuality spectrum and uplifting voices that historically have had less of an opportunity to resonate. Subverting genre boundaries and strong, distinct voices are appealing to her, as are books that reflect truth back to the reader. Her MFA background is proof of her strong dedication to exemplary writing, and she prizes a clear narrative above all else. She is primarily looking for literary fiction, upmarket commercial fiction, crime fiction, cultural criticism, narrative nonfiction, essay collections, memoir and young adult fiction.

Learn how to submit to Lexi here.

Kimberly Jago of Jago Ciro Entertainment

Kimberly Jago, owner/partner of Jago Ciro Entertainment, has been a talent manager for more years than she cares to admit. For many of those years, Kimberly served on the Board of Directors of the Talent Managers Association (TMA), and was the first elected East Coast based Vice President in the 50+ year history of the TMA. Although no longer with the TMA, Kimberly now shares her experience and perspective as a member Literary Managers and Dramaturgs of America (LMDA). Always having been a avid reader, Kimberly was thrilled when approached to represent a UK based published author, and quickly established a literary division with her company. Kimberly prefers books with strong voices, rich landscapes, and an air of the mysterious and fantastic geared towards young adults.

Learn how to submit to Kimberly here.

Adrienne Rosado

Adrienne Rosado of Stonesong

Adrienne has spent the entirety of her career on the agency side of publishing and joined Stonesong in September 2017. She has an extensive background in subsidiary rights and takes on projects with an eye for both domestic and international rights. Prior to joining Stonesong, she was the Literary Director for Leibo Management, an LA based production company, and the Director of Subsidiary Rights for Nancy Yost Literary. She is seeking adult and children’s fiction, as well as select nonfiction in the areas of pop-science, business, and the occasional quirky history. In both adult and children’s fiction, she is looking for contemporary, mystery, historical, thriller, fantasy, and anything with a wickedly dark sense of humor. She’s also been known to have a soft spot for Southern Gothics. She’s especially drawn to multicultural fiction as well as lgbtq+ works. She is keen to work on projects that focus on marginalized people and people from atypical walks of life. She loves a story that makes her think differently.

Learn how to submit to Adrienne here.


Robert Lee Brewer is Senior Content Editor of the Writer’s Digest Writing Community. He edits the Writer’s Market and Poet’s Market books, writes a poetry column for Writer’s Digest magazine, maintains the Poetic Asides blog, co-hosts a podcast for writers with Brian A. Klems, speaks at conferences, leads online webinars and tutorials, and so much more.

Robert is also the author of Solving the World’s Problems, a poetry collection published by Press 53. A former Poet Laureate of the Blogosphere, he’s been a featured poet across the country at poetry events in Austin, Houston, Cleveland, Atlanta, and more.

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