What No One Tells You About Freelance Writing

Many people dream of someday becoming freelance writers and/or book authors who can quit their day jobs and relax into the easy life of writing. But here’s the thing: Writing is not an easy life.

In this post, I’m going to share some things about freelance writing that many advice givers don’t share. Are you ready to learn what no one tells you about freelance writing?

Freelance writing is not an easy life.

Sure, it can be a more fulfilling occupation than working in an office handling expense reports or collecting people’s garbage or asking people “do you want fries with that?” However, the writing life is no cakewalk for most. It involves constantly finding new clients, hitting deadlines, managing finances, and working through “dead spells.”

Freelance writing involves math.

Remember those expense reports you didn’t like in your day job? Well, freelance writers have to track expenses, report taxes, and manage submissions. Unless you’re independently wealthy, you’ll need a budget that allows you to keep a roof over your head, the power and Internet functional, and feed yourself. That means you’ll need accurate record keeping (in most cases, a spreadsheet or two).

Freelance writing requires organization.

Yes, spreadsheets and record keeping (as mentioned above), but you’ll also need to back up information. You have to plan for computers to unexpectedly die and lose all your digital files. You have to plan for fires, floods, and other catastrophes. So you’ll need to keep excellent records that are saved in multiple locations…just in case.

Freelance writing is an exercise in risk management.

Freelance writers are people brave enough to jump off a bridge even though they can’t see the water beneath them. They are risk takers who have faith they’ll continue to find work, even though they may only have a handful of projects assigned at any given moment. If you’re waiting for the perfect conditions to become a freelance writer, you’ll never make it. Jump now!

Freelance writing is worth it.

Ask any freelance writer to vent about all their issues with freelancing, and you’re sure to be stuck listening until you cut them off. But if you ask them whether it’s worth it, I’m sure everyone would say–without hesitation–that yes, “It’s totally worth it.”

Make the jump into freelance writing today!

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