6 Blogging Tips That Will Pay Off Immediately (Okay, maybe 7 tips)

Below are 6 blogging tips that will pay off immediately. This advice is applicable for both personal and business blogs, and it’s good form for websites as well.


Since I manage 3 different blogs that have found slightly different audiences, I know from experience that following these 6 blogging principles will put many bloggers ahead of the curve.

  • Pick a niche and stick to it. As writers, we often have diverse interests, and it’s not uncommon to hear writers say things like, “I’m interested in everything.” Me too, but for the purposes of blogging, it’s best to pick a subject that is wide enough to hold your interest but narrow enough that your readers know what to expect from you and your blog. Speaking of which…
  • Connect with your audience. Great ways to connect with your audience is to comment on other blogs in your category and friend/follow folks on social networking sites whose interests align with your blog. Bad way to connect with your audience is to go around saying things like, “Read my blog,” or worse, “I’ll read your blog IF you read mine.”
  • Give. A lot of writers make the mistake of thinking of what they want to get out of blogging and social media. Instead, writers should be focused on what they can give. Share helpful links, information, calls for submissions, etc. Anything related to your blog’s niche, try to give what you can. When the time comes for sharing “exciting news” (like a book or online course), you’ll have an engaged audience excited to get their hands on your “exclusive” content/services.
  • Make posts easy to share. From a technical perspective, this means that you include social sharing buttons for Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, etc. From a more content-related perspective, make sure your posts are loaded with great content (give, give, give) and/or take a stand on something and/or are over-the-top hilarious/shocking/sweet/etc. Great content is always easy to share.


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  • Write evergreen content. Evergreen content in my business (the publishing business) is content that never goes completely out of style. For instance, these tips on blogging are just as relevant today as they were 5 years ago, and they’ll be useful in another 5 years. Timely posts are fine, but real growth comes from content that people find and share today, tomorrow, and two years down the road. (Many of my posts from years ago are still found and shared today.)
  • Be concise. Short paragraphs. Short sentences. Lists (bullets or numbered). Keep posts between 300 and 1,000 words in length when possible.

Finally, always reach deep and give a little more. I promised six tips, but here’s my seventh: Develop your voice. This is sort of connected to giving, but be sure to release your persona on your blog. Be a human being, and you’ll make it so much easier for other human beings to connect with you.


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