Call for Submissions: 2014 Guide to Indie Publishing

First, I want to announce that we’re planning to put together a new Market Book: 2014 Guide to Indie Publishing. This guide will be loaded with listings for self-publishing companies, freelance editors, freelance designers (books, e-books, and websites), and great expert advice on the business of indie publishing.

This is where you may enter the picture. We need pitches for articles that would be relevant to people looking to self-publish books, whether in print, digitally, audio, or some other crazy new-fangled way.

Articles that I’d consider include (but are not limited to):

  • How to self-publish a book that turns heads
  • How to promote self-published books
  • How to figure out pricing
  • How to keep accurate records
  • Stories of self-publishing success


Really, I’m interested in any topic that will help an indie publisher/writer find success, especially if it’s an angle that’s not typically covered.

Do you think you have a great pitch or three to send my way?

Excellent! Here are my super easy guidelines to follow (please follow them):

  • Whether you have one pitch or five pitches, include them all in the same e-mail (no attachments)
  • Send e-mail to with the subject line: 2014 GTIP Pitch (failure to use the correct subject line could result in a deleted e-mail without being read)
  • In the following order, include your pitch, your name, your qualifications, your contact information
  • Deadline for submitting pitches: October 24, 2012
  • I’m looking for original articles, so please don’t pitch reprints (or blog posts)


There are a few other topics I want to cover briefly (since people usually ask). First, don’t worry too much about word count, payment, or rights. These are paid assignments, but we figure out all the specifics at that point. I should have an idea from your pitch how involved the article will be.

The main thing I’m searching for at the moment is a line up of great articles to complement the listings in the first ever Guide to Indie Publishing. Become a part of history, snag a byline, and make some money by submitting today!


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