Contemporary Culture Book Publishers: Market Spotlight

Once a week, I spotlight a segment of the market we list in the Writer’s Market books and on This week, we’ll look at a few contemporary culture book publishers that accept submissions directly from authors.


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Contemporary Culture Book Publishers

Contemporary culture refers to art, music, literature, attitudes and other markers that are currently popular. That’s why another term for contemporary culture is pop (or popular) culture. As such, contemporary culture book publishers have to keep their finger on the pulse of what’s happening as it’s happening and identify trends in that sweet spot between being “ahead of its time” and “behind the times,” which is easier said than done.

Books on contemporary culture also explore the artists, musicians, and other popular figures of the current generation. These are books about the times as they’re happening as opposed to after the fact.

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Chronicle Books publishes a wide range of books, stationery, kits, calendars, and more. The editors say, “We’re always looking for the new and unusual.” Potential authors should submit a proposal (following their guidelines) by mail or e-mail. Note: The editors prefer digital submissions.

InterVarsity Press publishes more than 100 titles per year. The editors say, “InterVarsity Press publishes a full line of books from an evangelical Christian perspective targeted to an open-minded audience.” Potential authors should submit a cover letter, chapter-by-chapter summary, review of competing/similar titles, 2 complete sample chapters, and biographical information.

Syracuse University Press publishes 50 titles per year. The editors say, “Currently emphasizing Middle East studies, Jewish studies, Irish studies, peace studies, disability studies, television and popular culture, sports and entertainment, Native American studies, gender and ethnic studies, New York State.” Potential authors should complete a book proposal form available on their website and submit via e-mail to Deborah Manion.


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