Digital Greetings and Webisodes: George White of EyePoxy Gives Writing Tips by Holly Davis

Your best friend’s birthday is today. Chances are, instead of going to a store to buy a card, you’ll shop the Web for a digital card. Once the card is sent, you may visit your favorite film site to watch an animated short—a webisode. Who produces this digital material? Where does a freelance writer start to break into these genres?

George White has some answers. George spent three years as General Manager of Bullseye Productions, a division of Gibson Greetings, where his responsibilities included the development and marketing of digital greetings. Upon leaving Gibson, George became the founder and president of EyePoxy, a developer of syndicated online entertainment in the form of digital greetings and webisodes.

Let’s talk first about digital greetings. Some are static and some are animated. Would you comment on the two types?

EyePoxy can do GIFs, which is the computer format used for static cards, but the market has definitely moved to animated greetings. That’s what consumers want, so that’s what the sites that feature digital greetings want to have. I think we’ve only made one GIF since we started.

How does animated card writing differ from static digital card writing?

The writing is a lot different for paper cards versus static greetings versus animated greetings. You need to write with the medium in mind. Static cards use one screen, so you can’t build to suspense, you can’t build to a joke, you can’t build to anything. With animated greetings you have things going on, so you don’t just have a set-up and a punch line. You can build towards a surprise ending, humor—anything you want. Things change. Objects come and go. Objects do things. You can make the card interactive. The possibilities are limited only by your imagination. We do an interactive Halloween greeting that starts with a bunch of pumpkins. Any time you click on a pumpkin, a different character pops out. You might get the card and click the pumpkins in one order, and I might click on them in a different order. The greeting is different for each person.

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