Doyle Rice: Diverse Background Helps With Variety of Editing, by Robert Lee Brewer

Doyle Rice, managing editor of Weatherwise, has always had an interest in science. With a BA in art history/studio art from Oberlin College and an MA in American studies from the University of Massachusetts, Rice, a former newspaper reporter, has a very well-rounded knowledge of the elements essential to being a successful magazine editor.

“My art background provided me with a sense of design and layout, along with an eye for photos and illustration; both of these elements are important in this position,” explains Rice. “The interdisciplinary nature of the American studies degree was also a good background for this job because of the variety of content in Weatherwise. For example, in one issue we can feature articles that touch on science, history, art, and popular culture.”

As far as writing is concerned, Rice would probably prefer his writers to have varied backgrounds as well. It certainly helps to have a knowledge of meteorology, but he likes to see stories, not doctoral theses or summaries of storm damage. “Be creative,” suggests Rice. “Look at recent issues to see what we’ve covered and expand upon it. Look for nuggets of news in newspapers or newsweeklies, or Scientific American or Discover. Story ideas are often buried in other sources.”

Here Rice relates his duties at Weatherwise, as well as what he’d like to see from more writers.

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