History Magazines: Market Spotlight

Once every week (or so), I spotlight a different segment of the market we list in the Writer’s Market books and on WritersMarket.com. This week, we’ll look at some recently updated history magazines.


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Recently Updated History Magazines

History has long been a source of entertainment for readers and source of income for writers who can deliver it with the right narrative arc. After all, history is more than just a list of dates and events; it’s the story behind those dates and events. What would compel one person to murder another? Or drive someone to spend their entire existence chasing down that next invention? History explores these stories and more.

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Aviation History is a bimonthly magazine covering military and civilian aviation from first flight to the space age. The editors say, “Choose stories with strong narrative and art possibilities. Write an entertaining, informative, and unusual story that grabs the reader’s attention and holds it. All stories must be true.” This magazine pays a minimum $300 for nonfiction features and $150 for columns. Potential writers should query first.

History Magazine is a bimonthly general interest history magazine, focusing on social history up to about 1960. The editors say, “A love of history helps a lot, as does a willingness to work with us to present interesting articles on the past to our readers.” This Canadian magazine pays 8¢ per word for nonfiction pieces of 500-2,200 words in length. Writers should query first.

Michigan History contains seven or more feature stories about Michigan’s fascinating past, plus special sections that highlight historical sites to explore, spotlight the histories of communities, institutions, and businesses, and more related to Michigan. The editors say, “Articles should revolve around a Michigan history-related subject, and a significant amount of the article’s content should take place within Michigan. Articles should approach a subject by finding an interesting angle to explore, rather than just listing its history.” This magazine pays $100-300 for nonfiction pieces of 1,500-2,500 words. Writers should query first.


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