Hobby & Craft Magazines: Market Spotlight

Earlier this year, I launched this Market Spotlight feature which spotlights a certain segment of the market that we list in the Writer’s Market books and on WritersMarket.com. This time around, let’s look at some recently updated listings for hobby & craft magazines.


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Recently Updated Hobby & Craft Magazines

Hobby and craft magazines are often overlooked, even though it’s a huge market. After all, these magazines cover everything from collecting a variety of items to creating a variety items. Woodworkers, knitters, and ham radio enthusiasts use these magazines. Collectors of coins, antiques, and even military vehicles use these magazines. If there’s a hobby or craft, there’s bound to be magazines that cover it.

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CQ Amateur Radio is published for active ham radio operators and is read by radio amateurs in over 100 countries. The editors say, “All articles must deal with amateur radio. Our focus is on operating and on practical projects. A thorough knowledge of amateur radio is required.” The magazine pays $40 per published page for nonfiction pieces of 2,000-4,000 words. Potential writers should query.

Dollhouse Miniatures is a monthly magazine covering dollhouse scale miniatures. The editors say, “Familiarity with the miniatures hobby is very helpful. Accuracy to scale is extremely important to our readers. A complete digital package (ms/photos) has a better chance of publication.” The magazine pays $30-250 for assigned articles; $150 for unsolicited articles of 500-1,500 words. Potential writers should submit complete manuscript.

The Home Shop Machinist is a bimonthly magazine covering machining and metalworking for the hobbyist. The editors say, “The writer should be experienced in the area of metalworking and machining, should be extremely thorough in explanations of methods and processes—always with an eye to safety, and should provide good quality b&w photos and/or clear dimensioned drawings to aid in description. Visuals are of increasing importance to our readers. Carefully planned photos, drawings and charts will carry a submission to our magazine much farther along the path to publication.” The magazine pays $40 per published page for nonfiction and an additional $9 per published photo. Potential writers should submit complete manuscript.


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