How to Be a More Successful Writer

That’s a pretty bold title, isn’t it? How to be a more successful writer. It’s impossible for one blog post to help all writers become more successful, because each writer has a different goal.

Well, this post should help most writers become more successful, because it’s sharing the Writer’s Digest Tutorials program. This program provides writers with a nearly limitless library of tutorials, and there are new tutorials added weekly.

These writing tutorials cover craft and business. For instance, here’s a snippet from a tutorial on 150 Ways to Make Your Book Successful:

The full version shares all 150 ways, but this sample shares quite a bit of advice.

Next month, I plan to record a tutorial sharing 50 Ways to Increase Blog Traffic–and believe me, it’ll be loaded with information I’ve never shared before that’s worked for me on multiple blogs.

But there are also craft-related tutorials, including How to Make Your Romance Hot Enough for an Agent, How to Plot & Structure Your Novel, and 6 Ways to See Your Work Through an Agent or Publisher’s Eyes.

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