Hunting & Fishing Magazines: Market Spotlight

Earlier this year, I launched this Market Spotlight feature which spotlights a certain segment of the market that we list in the Writer’s Market books and on This time around, let’s look at some recently updated listings for hunting & fishing magazines.


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Hunting & Fishing Magazines

As with many sport-related magazines, freelancers for hunting & fishing magazines need to remember one key thing: It’s not about your achievements; it’s about helping others achieve. You may have experienced the best hunt or caught the largest fish, but what readers of the magazine really want to know is how they can do the same. Freelancers who can focus on that will hit their target more often than not.

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Bowhunter is a bimonthly magazine that covers hunting big and small game with bow and arrow. The editors say, “We are a special-interest publication, produced by bowhunters for bowhunters, covering all aspects of the sport. Material included in each issue is designed to entertain and inform readers, making them better bowhunters.” The magazine pays $100-500 for nonfiction pieces of 250-2,000 words. Potential writers should query first.

Gray’s Sporting Journal is a hunting & fishing lifestyle magazine published 7 times per year.

Gray’s Sporting Journal

The editors say, “Because 90% of our readers are bird hunters, 85% are fly fishers, and 67% hunt big game, we’re always looking for good upland-bird-hunting, fly-fishing, and big-game manuscripts throughout the year, but don’t confine yourself to these themes. Other subjects of interest include waterfowl, turkeys, small game, unusual quarry (feral hogs, etc.), sporting adventures in exciting locales (foreign and domestic) and yarns (tall tales or true).” This magazine is a rare hunting & fishing publication that buys fiction and poetry, in addition to nonfiction. Payment ranges from $100 for a poem to $1,250 for top notch nonfiction. Submit complete manuscript.

Sports Afield is published 6 times per year covering big game hunting. The editors say, “We cater to the upscale hunting market, especially hunters who travel to exotic destinations like Alaska and Africa. We are not a deer hunting magazine, and we do not cover fishing.” This magazine pays $500-800 for nonfiction articles of 1,500-2,500 words. Freelancers should query.


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