Market Spotlight: Pennsylvania Regional Magazines

Recently, I’ve been looking for ways to improve the Writer’s Market blog. Part of the new strategy includes more content, but I don’t believe in quantity for quantity’s sake. So, get ready for a lot of great, relevant information, including our new Monday Market Spotlights.

Every Monday, I plan on spotlighting a certain segment of the market that we list in the Writer’s Market books and on Since regional magazines are a great place for freelance writers to break in, let’s start by looking at Pennsylvania regional magazines.


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Pennsylvania Regional Magazines

There’s one unifying theme for Pennsylvania regional magazines: They’re all centered on some aspect of Pennsylvania. Some may deal with Pennsylvania the state, but others focus on the cities of Philadelphia and Pittsburgh.

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Pennsylvania is a bimonthly magazine covering the people, places, events, and history of Pennsylvania. This magazine pays 15¢/word for nonfiction features of 750-2,500 words. The editors advise, “Our publication depends on freelance work—send queries. Remember that a subject isn’t an idea. Send the topic and your approach when you query. Answer the question: Would this be interesting to someone across the state? Find things that interest you enough that you’d travel 30-50 miles in a car to see/do/explore it, and send a query on that.”

Philadelphia Magazine is a monthly magazine providing in-depth reports on crucial and controversial issues confronting the region–business trends, political analysis, metropolitan planning, sociological trends–plus critical reviews of the cultural, sports and entertainment scene. The editors advise, “Philadelphia Magazine readers are an affluent, interested and influential group who can afford the best the region has to offer. They’re the greater Philadelphia area residents who care about the city and its politics, lifestyles, business and culture.” Potential writers should query with clips.

Philadelphia Style is a bimonthly magazine covering upscale living in the Philadelphia region. This magazine pays freelancers $50-500 for nonfiction pieces of 300-2,500 words in length. The editors advise, “Mail queries with clips or manuscripts. Articles should speak to a stylish, educated audience.”

Pittsburgh Magazine is a monthly magazine covering the Pittsburgh metropolitan area. This magazine pays freelancers $300-1,500+ for nonfiction pieces of 1,200-4,000 words. The editors advise, “Best bet to break in is through a fresh take on news, sparkling writing, and a pitch with regional import or interest, also seeking fresh ideas for service pieces or profiles with a regional interest. We never consider any story without a strong regional focus or demonstrable relevance to our region.”

Susquehanna Life Magazine is a quarterly magazine covering Central Pennsylvania lifestyle. This magazine pays $75-125 for nonfiction pieces of 800 words in length. The editors advise, “When you query, do not address letter to ‘Dear Sir’, address the letter to the name of the publisher/editor. Demonstrate your ability to write. You need to be familiar with the type of articles we use and the particular flavor of the region. Only accepts submissions with a Central Pennsylvania angle.”


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