Memoir Book Publishers: Market Spotlight

Recently, I launched this new Market Spotlight feature on the blog. Every Monday (sometimes Tuesday), I plan on spotlighting a certain segment of the market that we list in the Writer’s Market books and on Since we have a Writing the Memoir that Can Sell: How to Attract Agents and Editors to Your Story webinar just around the corner, let’s look at a few memoir book publishers.


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Memoir Book Publishers

A lot of would-be writers like to tell me, when they learn I’m an editor, how they could write a book about their lives. And I’m always quick to point out that there’s a book category for that: the memoir! Of course, most successful memoirs aren’t just about sharing personal stories for the sake of writing; often, they inspire, comfort, or act as a conversation starter.

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Coffee House Press publishes 16-18 titles per year, including the “occasional memoir.” And right now is the perfect time to make a submission, since they just started their open reading period on September 1. The editors say, “Look for our books at stores and libraries to get a feel for what we like to publish.” Potential authors should submit the full manuscript.

High Plains Press publishes 4 titles per year focused on Wyoming. While this regional publisher specializes in Old West history and poetry of the West, they do publish memoir if it ties into the West. The editors say, “Our audience comprises general readers interested in history and culture of the Rockies.” Potential authors should submit a query letter, a 2-3 page summary of the manuscript, and 2 sample chapters.

Red Hen Press publishes 22 titles per year in a variety of genres, including memoir. The editors say, “Audience reads poetry, literary fiction, intelligent nonfiction.” Potential authors should use Red Hen’s electronic submissions manager to submit a cover letter, brief synopsis of the work, and either a 20- to 30-page sample of the work or the entire manuscript.


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