Middle Grade Book Publishers: Market Spotlight

Recently, I launched this new Market Spotlight feature on the WritersMarket.com blog. Every Monday, I plan on spotlighting a certain segment of the market that we list in the Writer’s Market books and on WritersMarket.com. Since we have a Selling a Middle Grade Novel in Today’s Publishing Climate webinar coming up this weekend, let’s look at a few book publishers that accept middle grade submissions directly from authors.


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Middle Grade Book Publishers

As a parent of five, I get the challenge of middle grade fiction. Authors must write a manuscript that is more challenging than a picture book, but that’s not quite up to the level of young adult–all while making it super interesting for their target audience: children between the ages of 8 and 12.

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Bancroft Press publishes 4-6 titles per year in a variety of genres. Their top criterion is quality. The editors say, “We prefer fiction that bucks trends and moves in a new direction.” Potential authors should submit the full manuscript.

Holiday House, Inc., publishes 50 titles per year, especially for children and young adults. The editors say, “We have a commitment to publishing first-time authors and illustrators. We specialize in quality hardcovers from picture books to young adult, both fiction and nonfiction, primarily for the school and library market.” Potential authors should submit the full manuscript.

Sasquatch Books publishes 30 titles per year in a variety of genres and have a Little Bigfoot children’s imprint. The editors say, “Sasquatch Books publishes books for and from the Pacific Northwest, Alaska, and California is the nation’s premier regional press. Sasquatch Books’ publishing program is a veritable celebration of regionally written words. Undeterred by political or geographical borders, Sasquatch defines its region as the magnificent area that stretches from the Brooks Range to the Gulf of California and from the Rocky Mountains to the Pacific Ocean.” Potential authors can submit a query, proposal, full manuscript, or a combination of all three.


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