Mystery Book Publishers: Market Spotlight

Recently, I launched this new Market Spotlight feature on the blog. Every Monday, I plan on spotlighting a certain segment of the market that we list in the Writer’s Market books and on Since we have our fourth annual Writer’s Digest Mystery/Thriller online conference coming up soon, let’s look at a few mystery book publishers.


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Mystery Book Publishers

What makes a good mystery? A grand crime? Kooky suspects? Plot twists that keep the reader guessing? Yes to all of this and more! If you’ve written a mystery, there’s no mystery where to find book publishers and agents that handle this genre.

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Academy Chicago Publishers specializes in memoirs and mysteries. Prospective authors don’t need an agent, but they do need to submit a proposal package that includes a one sentence description of the novel, brief synopsis of book in a couple paragraphs, word count of final manuscript, author bio, approximate sales of previously published books (if any), a few sample chapters, description of target audience and information about the market, and a list of fiction titles appealing to the same audience, while specifying how their book is unique. Fiction proposals are considered on a quarterly basis.

Kensington Publishing Corp. publishes more than 500 titles per year in a variety of genres, including mystery novels. Prospective authors should send a query via e-mail. Kensington offers $2,000 and up for advances, and their editors say, “Kensington focuses on profitable niches and uses aggressive marketing techniques to support its books.”

Poisoned Pen Press publishes 60 mystery titles per year. They have one submission period per year. Prospective authors should have a submission package that includes a cover letter, full manuscript, and synopsis (up to 750 words). Materials should be submitted via their Submittable page.


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