Nature and Conservation Magazines: Market Spotlight

Once every week (or so), I spotlight a different segment of the market we list in the Writer’s Market books and on This week, we’ll look at some recently updated nature and conservation magazines.


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Recently Updated Nature and Conservation Magazines

Nature and conservation magazines serve a diverse audience of people deeply invested in the health of our planet. From policymakers to conservation enthusiasts, the readers of these magazines are interested in ways to make a positive impact.

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Alternatives Journal is published 4 times a year with special issues covering international environmental issues. The editors say, “Queries should explain, in less than 300 words, the content and scope of your article, and should convey your intended approach, tone, and style. Please include a list of people you will interview, potential images or sources for images, and the number of words you propose to write.” This Canadian magazine pays 10¢ per word for nonfiction pieces of 800-3,000 words in length.

Earth Island Journal is a quarterly magazine covering the environment/ecology. The editors say, “Given our audience, we are looking for stories that break new ground when it comes to environmental coverage. We are not going to publish a story ‘about recycling.’ We may, however, be interested in a story about, say, the waste manager in Kansas City, KS, who developed an innovative technology for sorting trash, and how his/her scheme is being copied around the world.” This magazine pays 25¢ per word for nonfiction pieces of 750-4,000 words in length. Writers should query with published clips.

High Country News is a biweekly nonprofit magazine covering environment, natural resources, and under-represented communities across 11 Western states and Alaska. The editors say, “We are especially looking for stories from writers and communities of color, where they intersect with our core issues.” This magazine pays 50¢ to $1.50 per word for nonfiction pieces up to 4,900 words in length. Writers should query first.


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