Query Letter Sample List of Awesomeness

One of the most effective ways to learn is by imitation. If you want to learn how to write a query letter, you should check out effective sample query letters. That’s why I’ve assembled the query letter list of awesomeness.

Query Letter Sample List

7 Example Queries From Nelson Literary Agency

  1. Jana DeLeon Query (novel)
  2. Jamie Ford Query (novel)
  3. Sarah Rees Brennan Query (young adult novel)
  4. Hank Ryan Query (romance novel)
  5. Lisa Shearin Query (fantasy novel)
  6. Shanna Swendson Query (chick lit magic novel)
  7. Sherry Thomas Query (novel)

Query Letter Critiques

The best way to get a query letter critique is to have friends who are editors and agents who sell the kind of books you’re trying to query. Most people don’t have that, so then there are some other options.

For instance, many writers go to writing conferences that offer face-to-face feedback from agents. WritersMarket.com lists hundreds of writing conferences that offer these opportunities (not to mention thousands of listings for literary agents, book publishers, magazines, and other publishing opportunities).

While conferences are valuable for many reasons, some writers want to jump straight to the critiques, and Writer’s Digest actually offers a service to receive professional query letter critiques.


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