Romance Book Publishers: Market Spotlight

Recently, I launched this new Market Spotlight feature on the blog. Every Monday (sometimes Tuesday), I plan on spotlighting a certain segment of the market that we list in the Writer’s Market books and on This week, let’s take a look at three romance book publishers.


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Romance Book Publishers

People unfamiliar with the romance genre believe there’s only one type of romance novel: The kind where two people fall in love and live happily ever after. While those do exist, romance has so many more sub-genres, plot twists, and complex themes to offer both readers and writers. Here are three romance book publishers open to submissions.

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Crimson Romance is an imprint of Simon & Schuster that publishes romance e-books. Specifically, they deal in romantic suspense, contemporary, paranormal, historical, and spicy romance. Their guidelines advise, “While your work can include other genre elements, Crimson Romances must focus first and foremost on a couple’s emotional journey together towards love.” Potential authors should submit the full manuscript with a query and 1-3 page synopsis via e-mail.

Harlequin Desire publishes contemporary romances that “sizzle with sensual tension and bring to life a world of wealth, glamour and high stakes drama.” The editors say, “The level of sensuality must be appropriate to the storyline.” Potential authors should submit through Harlequin’s online submission form.

The Wild Rose Press publishes 60 titles per year mostly in romance, though a few other genres as well. For romance, they publish under several different imprints with specific romance subgenres in mind. The editors say, “Polish your manuscript, make it as error free as possible, and follow our submission guidelines.” Potential authors should submit a query via e-mail.


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