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Once a week (or so), I spotlight a segment of the market we list in the Writer’s Market books and on This week, we’ll look at some recently updated trade magazines.


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Recently Updated Trade Magazines

Most people are familiar with consumer magazines, because they’re aimed at the average consumer and are found where average consumers shop (like bookstores, grocery stores, and other retailers). On the other hand, trade magazines are aimed at specific professions. Paralegal Today is focused on the needs of paralegals; Hard Hat News is for the construction industry; and Produce Retailer is for people who sell produce.

Since they’re often overlooked by beginning writers and focused on specialized areas, trade magazines tend to have fewer freelancers pitching pieces. Plus, the pay tends to be better with trade magazines than consumer magazines. Here are three recently updated trade magazines.

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American Agriculturist publishes cutting edge technology with ready on-farm application. The editors advise writers to pitch stories with a strong tie to Northeast and Mid-Atlantic farming. The magazine pays $250-500 for nonfiction pieces of 500-1,000 words in length. Potential writers should query first.

Ski Patrol Magazine is a triannual publication for the members and affiliates of the National Ski Patrol. The editors say, “IOur target audience is ski patrollers and those working in the ski industry. A background in patrolling is helpful but not mandatory. Our readers are especially interested in articles on medical issues and treatment, ski and snowboard tips and tricks, and historical and personal profiles.” The magazine pays $300-400 for nonfiction pieces of 700-3,000 words in length. Writers should query with published clips.

Smart Retailer is a trade publication for independent retailers of gifts and home accents. This magazine pays $150-300 for nonfiction pieces of 1,000-1,500 words in length. They need how-to, interview, and new product pieces focused on finance, legal, marketing, small business, general merchandising, and visual merchandising. Writers should send complete ms, with résumé and published clips to: Writers Query, Smart Retailer.


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