What are the main challenges of writing books about dogs?

It’s a niche market so you have to have credentials that will stand up. I’m not talking about the people who can afford an expensive publicist and build themselves into a “personality.” I mean the people who have real credibility. Coming up with a fresh angle is important, as is accurate information. In today’s economy it’s difficult even for the most experienced authors to get a book contract so you really have to stand out in the crowd.

It also helps to know who the real experts are if you need to interview people for their various areas of expertise (i.e. veterinary medicine, positive training, various dog sports, etc.). You need to be able to cite the best people.  If you have a platform and a following, that will help in both getting a book contract and then reaching the readers, but it takes time to establish oneself.

The road to publication is more competitive than ever. Learn how to navigate the publishing process and always come out on top by building an author platform.

Darlene Arden has written five nonfiction dog books, including a behavior book with a warped sense of humor and accurate information. She’s also a veteran of countless magazine articles, mainly celebrity profiles along with women’s issues and lifestyle pieces, in addition to writing for newspapers, mainly travel features. Go to www.darlenearden.com for more information.