What Do Newspaper Editors Want in Travel Articles?

I find that they want a fresh angle on a destination. Best examples: I wrote about one of many theme-specific walking tours of London; I wrote about the Grand Prix from the point of view of someone who isn’t a race fan but who enjoyed the vicarious experience of driving fast without worrying about a police car in the rear vision mirror.If you can find a new angle, or a new place in a familiar city, that’s a bonus. For example, most people aren’t aware of The Theatre Museum in London. It’s part of the V & A.  I adored it and couldn’t wait to share it with readers.  It’s a hidden treasure for theatre buffs.

I also returned from a trip, complaining to an editor about the dangers of the area where a certain theme park is located. I was there for a conference. The editor told me to write it, because he wanted people to know that it wasn’t necessarily safe to take your family there. I gave them an alternative — some theme park in a safer city.

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Darlene Arden has written five nonfiction dog books, including a behavior book with a warped sense of humor and accurate information. She’s also a veteran of countless magazine articles, mainly celebrity profiles along with women’s issues and lifestyle pieces, in addition to writing for newspapers, mainly travel features. Go to www.darlenearden.com for more information.