2014 Get Started Write Challenge: Day 21

For today’s task, take your list of characters and interview each and every one of them. Start by asking their names, what they were doing right before the interview, favorite movie, favorite song, happiest moment, saddest moment, love interests (if … More »

Interview With Novelist Emily Winslow

I’m happy to introduce Emily Winslow to the WritersMarket.com blog. Winslow is an American novelist living in Cambridge, England. Her novels of literary psychological suspense, The Whole World and The Start of Everything, are set there, and are published in … More »

How to Prepare For and Conduct an Interview

Interviews are essential to freelance success for writers, whether they write nonfiction or fiction (heck, even poetry). This post covers how to successfully prepare for and conduct an interview. The benefits for nonfiction writers may seem obvious, especially in the … More »

How to Be a More Successful Writer

That’s a pretty bold title, isn’t it? How to be a more successful writer. It’s impossible for one blog post to help all writers become more successful, because each writer has a different goal. Well, this post should help most … More »