2014 Get Started Write Challenge: Day 20


For today’s task, write another blog post. The biggest “trick” to blogging isn’t even a trick: It’s taking the time to roll up your sleeves and blog at least once a week (preferably the same day of the week). Consistency … More »

2014 Get Started Write Challenge: Day 16


Today’s task is to participate in a Twitter chat. The first chat will start around 4 p.m. (Atlanta, Georgia, time). If you don’t have a Twitter account, then an additional assignment is to create a Twitter account. They’re free to … More »

2014 Get Started Write Challenge: Day 15


For today’s task, join at least one more social media site. Unless you’re already a member of every social network, this is a good task to see the strengths and weaknesses of various sites–and to see if one suits you … More »

2014 Get Started Write Challenge: Day 2


The goal yesterday was to make a list of goals, both long-term and short-term. Today’s task is to sketch out how you are going to accomplish your goals. This will act as your road map to the destination of completing … More »

2014 Get Started Write Challenge: Guidelines


After more than a decade of working with the Writer’s Digest Writing Community, one trend is clear: January is a month when many people start chasing their writing dreams. However, most don’t keep it up into February. To try and … More »

4 Social Media Tips for Writers


Beyond the actual writing, the most important thing writers can do for their writing careers is to build a writer platform. This writer platform can consist of any number of quantifiable information about your reach to your target audience, and … More »

Author Platform: How to Get Started

First things first, what is an author platform, and why is it important? An author platform is the quantifiable reach writers have in relation to their target audience. For instance, an author of cookbooks might have a TV show and … More »