How do you negotiate prices with clients for your writing business?

I started out by basing my bids for projects on what other people were bidding. Of course, there’s no competing with the fees charged by writers in India, so I ignored those bids and looked at the others. My bids are rarely the lowest or highest.

After getting most of my projects via Elance or Guru in the first year, I basically learned the going rates and charge accordingly. I also refer to Writer’s Market’s guides for how to charge and tweak my fees depending on the specifics of the project and client’s needs.

Occasionally a client will request a lower fee. Whether or not I will drop my fee is dependent on the circumstances and how long I estimate the project will take. I have a flat hourly rate which I will not go below.

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Hana Haatainen Caye has a full-time writing (and voice-over) business and is paid on a regular basis for her writing. She is a regular contributor for Pinpoint Publications, has sold over 60 poems (being paid anywhere from $30/poem for a collection of 30 poems to $200 for a single poem). Clients hired Hana to write eulogies, press releases, SEO web content, blogs, speeches, YouTube scripts, comedic monologues, short stories, ebooks, on hold messages, sales letters, sales scripts and countless articles.