Welcome to the WritersMarket.com Blog!

Every blog has to have an initial post, and this is the first post of the WritersMarket.com blog. I’m actually typing this intro post in our test (or dev) environment and can’t wait for it to go “live.”

As many of you may know, my name is Robert Lee Brewer, and I’ve been the online editor of WritersMarket.com for around a decade now. Hopefully, you already receive my free weekly e-mail newsletter (if not, sign up for it today over on the right!).

This is not my first blog, so I’m hoping to dive right in and start sharing some amazing content. That’s right; I have a plan already for this blog (though as any good blogger knows, it’s subject to change).

The WritersMarket.com blog will share interviews with publishing pros, guest posts from publishing pros, market reports on specific genres, and plenty of how-to instruction (on promotion, platform development, submissions, etc.). It’s going to rock!

A few other notes on the WritersMarket.com blog…

  • Q&A. You might’ve noticed the Q&A in the top navigation. This feature of the blog will share a regular question and answer on a specific topic of interest to freelance writers. Sometimes, the person who answers the question will be an agent; other times, it might be a writer. Heck, I’ll probably answer a few myself.
  • Articles. From time to time, you’ll probably also notice article excerpts on this blog. These are pieces that were published in our printed Market Books and that are available in their entirety “behind the wall” along with thousands of publishing opportunities. Sign up here to check them out.

Besides that, welcome! I hope you enjoy your stay.