Science Magazines: Market Spotlight

Once every week (or so), I spotlight a different segment of the market we list in the Writer’s Market books and on This week, we’ll look at some science magazines looking for freelance writers.


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Science Magazines

Science is applied to nearly everything in modern life from the way we communicate to how much sleep we get at night. So it should come as no surprise that books and magazines on science have an inquisitive audience made up of professionals, hobbyists, and people who are just interested in the latest scientific breakthroughs. Here are three science magazines that work with freelance writers and pay good rates.

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Astronomy is a monthly magazine covering the science and hobby of astronomy. The editors say, “Half of our magazine is for hobbyists (who are active observers of the sky), the other half is directed toward armchair astronomers who are intrigued by the science.” This magazine pays $100-1,000 for nonfiction pieces of 500-3,000 words. Potential writers should query first.

Scientific American is a monthly magazine covering developments and topics of interest in the world of science. The editors say, “Scientific American brings its readers directly to the wellspring of exploration and technological innovation. The magazine specializes in first-hand accounts by the people who actually do the work. Their personal experience provides an authoritative perspective on future growth.” This magazine pays $1 per word for nonfiction features. Writers should query before submitting.

Weatherwise is a bimonthly magazine covering weather and meteorology. The editors say, “Weatherwise is America’s only magazine about the weather. Our readers range from professional weathercasters and scientists to basement-bound hobbyists, but all share a common interest in craving information about weather as it relates to the atmospheric sciences, technology, history, culture, society, art, etc.” This magazine pays $200-500 for assigned articles; $0-300 for unassigned articles of 2,000-3,000 words. Writers should query with published clips.


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